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We have been run long enough to know that good sources occasionally and inadvertently sell sub-par product. To manage these events, we adhere to the strictest industry standards for product authentication. This is a commitment we take seriously and uphold every day.

Shinko Electronics intensive built strategic vision and market intelligence team of quality dedicated professional are strict in incoming inspection and screening process to assure that we only provide new part to save the cost & time of our clients, excess their expectation.

Knowledgeable and Experience Strict Product Inspection

Manufacturer certificates of conformance
Lot and date codes
Product marking
Original packaging and labeling
Original Components Manufacturer (OCM) verification

Product Inspection
100% visual inspection
Part marking - top / bottom
Part number marking
Original Component Manufacturer (OCM)
Lead inspection
Body inspection - Black topping
Date code - Lot code
Original Packaging
Verification of quantity
Microscopy and digital photography

Product Authenticity
In-house marking permanency testing
In-house Nisene chemical Decapsulation process
In-house mechanical De-lidding process
In-house X-Ray - die bond verification
Pin print comparator for circuit symmetry
Engineering review
Comprehensive report supplied with each shipment

Conformance Testing
Group A electrical
Customer specific component testing - Group A, B, C, D
Component Re-certification
RoHs testing
Solderability testing
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